Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Grossly insufficient coverage of alternative viewpoints, different perspectives, non-Western opinions, unreported facts, etc., reported by non-mainstream media outlets like RT, teleSUR, etc.

This is a serious deficiency in Wikipedia. It relies almost wholly on popular Western news sources such as NYT, WSJ, BBC, CNN, FT, CBS, etc. These mainstream sources each have an opinion, and quite frequently these outlets either do not report events/facts that go against their own perspectives [or against the foreign policy goals of the nations in which these outlets operate], or report those events/facts in an abridged or modified way.

Alternative outlets such as RT, teleSUR, CCTV, Sputnik, Fars, etc., are routinely labeled as propaganda outlets by mainstream Western news houses. However, these alternative news sources very frequently provide facts and perspectives that mainstream sources omit [likely on purpose]. Hence, for Wikipedia to be a more neutral and wholesome encyclopedia, and not just a mirror reflection of Western news stories, it is vital that it also cover the information contained in non-mainstream outlets such as Russia Today and CCTV.

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