Friday, December 11, 2015

Country-specific events or topics require country-specific articles

Salman Khan's famous-infamous hit-and-run case is known to everyone in India, and it has been in the news in India for over a decade. Yet this case doesn't have a dedicated Wikipedia page, only getting a paragraph in the main article on Salman Khan. This is because this case isn't noteworthy on a worldwide basis, and likely also because Salman Khan himself is largely a celebrity of either the Indian subcontinent or the Indian diaspora abroad. Herein lies a shortcoming of Wikipedia - admitting only globally-relevant events/people/topics.

This shortcoming can be solved by allowing nation-specific articles that pertain only to the people of that nation. This way Wikipedia can both address the country-specific information needs of people in various countries, yet not unnecessarily flood irrelevant information to others.

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